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Rethinking Wind Power

Rethinking Wind Power

The Invelox is an innovative wind energy source, envisioned by Dr. Daryoush Allaei, CEO of the SheerWind company, which may solve the dilemmas faced by traditional wind turbines, including noise nuisance and inconsistent levels of energy output. The Invelox is funnel-like in both appearance and function. Using the Invelox, outside winds are captured and funneled to create a natural increase in the wind’s speed so it can be converted into energy. Winds as low as 2 mph are captured by intake tunnels and travel through a sharp, 90-degree angle turn. At this point, the wind reaches speeds of up to… read more

Living With Wind Farms

Living with Wind Farms

Innovative methods with which to generate energy are important in the fight against global climate change. That is why it is important for authorities to ensure that when these methods are introduced into society, they are well received and thus seamlessly integrated into the communities they are meant to service. Wind energy can be converted to mechanical energy using wind turbines, an alternative energy which lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Generating energy using wind turbines has not been without controversy, it has resulted in a number of lawsuits in some jurisdictions worldwide. The objection to wind farms stems from the noise… read more

Wind Power Innovations

Wind power innovations

2012 was the best year to date for wind power in the U.S., according to the American Wind Power Association, moving it into the number one spot for new energy resources. Taking up 42% of the scale of new power producing systems, 26 states and many other areas added wind turbine technology, making it a major investment. One of the most popular sources of renewable energy, wind power is not just restrained to the original wind farm. This type of energy is advancing to great technological heights, and several modern inventions will make you marvel at what is possible. For… read more

New GE Wind Turbine Integrates Battery Storage

GE 2-5 120 wind turbine

One of the challenges for wind farm operators and power producers is taking the fluctuating nature of the wind and turning into a smooth and predictable flow of electricity, and a new wind turbine that integrates short-term battery storage into the system aims to help overcome that challenge. The new wind turbine package from GE, the 2.5-120, uses the company’s Durathon Battery technology, along with three software applications, as an “intelligent system” that can enable better decision-making and allow for more predictable short-term power production. According to GE, this system is the “first wind turbine to incorporate short-term battery storage… read more

Remote Control Inspection Robots Can Climb Wind Turbine Towers


A new type of wind turbine inspection device is capable of climbing straight up the side of the turbine’s tower and along the blades, enabling technicians to examine the equipment without leaving the ground. One decidedly unexciting aspect of wind power is the need for regular inspections and maintenance of installed wind turbines, and because most inspections require a human technician to use a rigging system to ascend and descend the towers, coming up with innovative ways to reduce the risk and increase the effectiveness of inspections could be a key component in the growth and success of wind power…. read more

New Power Storage System for Offshore Wind Uses Giant Underwater Spheres

Giant Wind Farm

The design for a new method of storing energy from offshore wind farms uses giant concrete spheres on the sea floor, which could both anchor floating wind turbines and smooth out power fluctuations to the grid. The new underwater storage design, from researchers at MIT, could be used to capture excess power from offshore wind turbines, and then release it on demand, helping to bridge the difference between generation and demand times for electricity. “Whenever the wind turbines produce more power than is needed, that power would be diverted to drive a pump attached to the underwater structure, pumping seawater… read more

GE Successfully Tests High-Temperature Superconducting Generator


In the future, power from wind and water could be produced with much smaller, much lighter, and more efficient generators, thanks to advancements in superconducting technology. GE’s Power Conversion facility in Rugby, England, just completed successful trials for its Hydrogenie generator, which is highly efficient in power production, yet with significantly less size and mass than conventional versions. The Hydrogenie uses a superconducting layer instead of copper wire in the rotor windings, which enables the use of wires only about 2% of the size of those in conventional generators. The generator operates at a temperature of -230°C, using a system… read more

This Wind Turbine Also Produces Clean Water

Eole WMS1000 Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are an excellent method of producing clean energy, but one model takes that a step further by also turning out a thousand of liters of clean drinking water each day, even in the desert. The Eole WMS1000 Wind Turbine can supply not only 30kW of power, but can also condense water out of thin air, making it a great fit for remote areas that need both power and water. The founder of Eole Water, Marc Parent, took his inspiration from the water that collected after condensing in his air conditioner, and applied the same principle to the design… read more

Autonomous Polar Rover Powered by Wind

wind powered polar rover

The world’s first wind-powered and autonomous robot was launched in one of the world’s harshest climates last month, and is now exploring Antarctica and gathering data on the effects of climate change there. The robot, dubbed “Polar Rover”, was developed at Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, and is powered by a small vertical axis wind turbine from Urban Green Energy. The device is outfitted with atmospheric sensors, a snow sampler, and analyzers for both geology and geography, in order to further research on that continent. The 300 kg rover uses an automated driving system, augmented by satellite navigation, to pilot… read more

Smart Wind Turbines

A New Kind of Rotor

Everything seems to be getting smarter these days. First were the cellphones, then came smart cars, wristwatches, and houses. The next tech getting a brainy update will be, quite unusually, wind turbines.Yes, those giant, looming turbines you see as you drive past empty fields will soon be smarter than you . . . almost. The turbines themselves won’t change much, as their infrastructure will remain. The only difference will be in production levels. With wind and solar power leading our nation away from dependence on oil to power the nation’s energy grid, it only makes sense that we should increase… read more