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Energy Neutral Home With Shou Sugi Ban Technique

Energy Neutral Home With Shou-Sugi-Ban Technique

Energy neutral homes focus on sustainable features, but this home located in Amsterdam, Netherlands also has an artistic element. Designed and orchestrated by Pieter Weijnen of Faro architects, Steigereiland 2.0 is a home with an interesting exterior look. Sometimes townhouses or row homes can all blend together, but this one subtly stands out among its stylish neighbors with its own distinct and inventive expression. It is a cradle to cradle construction, as all materials that were used are recyclable or compostable. The design team researched ways to optimize energy and material use to produce a fully efficient building. Reportedly, it is the first construction in the Netherlands to include… read more

Ultra-Tiny Windmills Could be Future of Cellphone Charging

Ultra-Tiny Windmills Could be Future of Cellphone Charging

What comes to mind when most of us think of wind power is giant turbines mounted on tall masts, usually on a high hill or out in the country, but the future of consumer wind technology may actually be found in very tiny windmills. An innovative micro-windmill has been developed by researchers at University of Texas Arlington, and it’s so tiny that one grain of rice could hold 10 of them. Measuring just 1.8mm at its widest, these tiny wind generators could be the future of charging mobile devices, possibly through covering a phone sleeve with them and sending the… read more

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Above and Below: This House Design Offers Both

Sitting on a stretch of Dutch coastline, this unique looking home was designed by the architecture firm Paul de Ruiter. It was created for a family who are builders by trade, and they wanted an original residence that incorporated specific regions needed for the household. Split into 2 portions, the above ground area includes the family zones. The underground expanse holds the garage and office space, as well as room for storage. The 2 separate structures are connected by a stairway. The staircase enclosure actually forms its own intersection between the living and working quarters, and it carries up to… read more

Smart Choice Wind Panels


Wind energy has come a long way since the introduction of windmills and towering turbines. While these remain a dominant source of wind energy, there have been innovations in wind energy design that are more environmentally and the economically practical. One of the most interesting is the Vibro-wind Panel, which is currently being developed by a team of professors and undergraduates at Cornell University. Vibro-wind is a form of micro-generation that harnesses motion and utilizes the resulting vibrations of its foam oscillators. Just as leaves flutter when the wind passes through them, the oscillators dance and twirl as breezes swoops around… read more

DIY Eco Gadgets

Homemade solar panels

Sometimes, in the name of eco-friendly living, we must go out of our way to find the best alternatives to traditional lifestyle habits and necessities. Every now and then, it makes logical sense to create our own solutions for affordability reasons. This is a list of resources, tools, and tutorials on how to transform your home into an example of a eco-friendly living. Some of the projects range from simple to medium difficulty, and others are for more seasoned engineers and designers. If you can’t do these projects yourself, perhaps you know of somebody who can help. The first is… read more