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New Discovery Makes Hydrogen Production 1000% Cheaper

Simon Trudel and Curtis Berlinguette

One of the biggest issues in solar and wind power production is that of the variability of the power production throughout the day and throughout the year, and because of that, there is a great need for affordable and effective energy storage systems for both small and large scale use. Batteries keep getting more and more efficient, but buying large battery banks isn’t always the most effective (or cheapest) way to store energy from peak supply to cover peak power demands. However, a new discovery by a pair of scientists at the University of Calgary may make it feasible to… read more

Net-Zero Energy Store Planned by Walgreens

Walgreens Net-Zero Energy Store

Evanston, Illinois, will be the home of the first retail store in the United States to be able to produce more energy than it uses, putting Walgreens, the company behind it, at the forefront of green retail buildings. Walgreens says that their net-zero energy building will include geothermal technology, solar panels, wind turbines, LED lighting, and super high-efficiency refrigeration units, as well as the use of energy efficient materials in the building itself. The new store will be located at the site of an existing store, in Evanston, which which is being demolished. The retailer aims to achieve some of… read more

Autonomous Polar Rover Powered by Wind

wind powered polar rover

The world’s first wind-powered and autonomous robot was launched in one of the world’s harshest climates last month, and is now exploring Antarctica and gathering data on the effects of climate change there. The robot, dubbed “Polar Rover”, was developed at Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, and is powered by a small vertical axis wind turbine from Urban Green Energy. The device is outfitted with atmospheric sensors, a snow sampler, and analyzers for both geology and geography, in order to further research on that continent. The 300 kg rover uses an automated driving system, augmented by satellite navigation, to pilot… read more

Wind Tax Credit Extended

Wind tax credits extended

As part of the midnight deal resolving some of the tax issues dubbed the “fiscal cliff,” Congress extended the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) for one year. More importantly, the bill’s tax extenders package granted the $0.022 per kilowatt-hour tax credit to the electricity wind projects generate over the first ten years of their production service to wind farms which are “under construction” by the end of 2013. The same debate will have to happen in a year, but the wind industry could definitely utilize the extra time. This is a critical change from the previous language in the PTC… read more

A Change In The Wind

A Change in the Wind

A couple of days before Thanksgiving last year, the Red State Renewable Alliance (RSRA) gave wind power supporters something for which to be thankful. Led by John Feehery, a Republican Washington insider, the RSRA backed wind power as it fights for a wind power production tax credit extension, despite the Republican Party talking points promoting the contrary. Feehery has had stints as the communications director for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, along with former Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Individual elected Republicans have stood up in support of the wind energy tax credit, and have found themselves aligned with groups such… read more

Tax Credits for Wind Power

Wind Farm subsidies

The US federal wind power production tax credit is set to expire at the end of the year, and many have been advocating for the expiration or the continuation of the credits. Supporters of letting the credits expire claim the national fiscal situation has become so dire that the government can no longer afford to maintain a wind power production credit. Opponents of the expiration claim the wind industry would be stunted and damaged by the expiration, in more than one way. The production credit allows for the wind industry to be bolstered by federal funds, which leads to more… read more

Bladeless Turbines

Bladeless Turbines

Wind power is one of the most popular and widely used sustainable, non-depleting, non-polluting and eco-friendly energy sources. Recent technological advancements are making innovations only in the grid and energy storage systems but meager updates in the case of turbine design which was initially designed 400 years ago. So what is the problem with the existing design? Well, there are three reasons; their efficiency is insanely bad, the cost of installing single turbine is very high and the most important issue is “wind turbine syndrome” where people in the vicinity of the turbines get headaches, sleeplessness and other health problems…. read more

Power From The Skies

Wind Power From Space

According to a new study, utilizing upper-level winds, which are consistent and reliable, along with ground-level winds could provide 20-100 times current global power demand, in addition to near-zero-emissions. Ken Caldeira of Stanford University’s Carnegie Institute, co-author of the study, admits despite the vast potential for wind energy to power the globe, and other studies showing similar results, there will always be a need for a multi-faceted energy system. Further, in order to achieve the amounts of wind energy production, it is a necessity to scale-up production of wind farms, which may not be technologically or fiscally feasible at this… read more