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New Giant Airship Could Transform Cargo Transportation

New Giant Airship Could Transform Cargo Transportation

Cargo transportation may soon get quite a bit greener, due to a new type of airship technology that can take off and land vertically and transport enormous amounts of cargo. The Aeroscraft could transform all areas of cargo logistics, from humanitarian and disaster relief to military operations and food and consumer goods delivery. The new rigid, variable-buoyancy craft can transport and offload massive amounts of materials just about anywhere, even on uneven ground or in remote areas and without a ground crew. The airship could deliver goods and cargo directly from its point of origin to its point of use,… read more

Google Commits to 10 Years of Wind Power for Finnish Data Center

Wind farm

In another move toward renewable energy in its operations, Google is going to use the electricity produced from a planned 72MW wind farm in Sweden to power its data center in Finland for the next ten years. A project to develop the new wind farm, consisting of 3MW turbines, at a site in northern Sweden has just met with planning approval, and thanks to Google’s recent agreement to buy the entire output of the farm for the next 10 years, has secured all the financing necessary for construction. The wind farm is being developed by O2, and will be owned… read more

First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine in North America Launched

First Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine in North America Launched

North America is about to get its first grid-connected offshore wind turbine, thanks to the launch of the VolturnUS, which should be online and producing wind energy in the next couple of weeks. The VolturnUS is a 1/8th scale prototype of a novel floating wind turbine design from the DeepCwind Consortium, and will gather data during its operation to help optimize the design of a full-sized (6MW) turbine that is in the works. The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center expects to be able to launch the final turbine design in 2016, so getting this scale version up… read more

Google Acquires High-Altitude Wind Energy Company


The ideas that seem the most “out there” in terms of practicality are many times the ones that end up disrupting an industry or market, and if a certain tech giant’s recent investment is any indication, airborne wind power is an up and coming industry. Soon after the first fully autonomous flight of their airborne kite power prototype, Makani Power was acquired by Google, which may give a huge boost to wind energy technology and eventually help to drive the costs of wind energy down to compete with fossil fuels. Makani Power spend just over a year building out their… read more

The Downdraft Tower – A Windy Alternative


We know skyscrapers – and other structures of human occupation – consume a lot of energy over their lifetime, but what if there was a skyscraper that generated energy instead? When completed, the proposed Downdraft Tower will make this possible.┬áThe Downdraft Tower is the central project of the Clean Wind Energy company, a public company who focuses on green alternatives to traditional wind sourced energy. Further developing a concept that was created nearly thirty years ago, the tower would utilize proven methods to create a reliable source of wind energy. The tower could operate in most climates, though it is… read more

Water Heaters Can Act as Battery Storage for Grid


A new study by energy consultants Ecofys shows that home water heaters can help the power grid to accommodate the variable nature of wind energy, and thereby help integrate wind into regional power grids. The project, funded by Bonneville Power Administration and Northwest Power and Conservation Council, demonstrated that residential electric water heaters, furnaces, and refrigerated warehouses can all help provide energy storage at a much lower cost than other alternatives, such as batteries. “Water heaters can act as battery storage for the power grid.” – Gary Huhta, Cowlitz County Public Utility District Power Resources Manager Wind power generation is… read more

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Now Online

London Array

The largest offshore wind farm in the world, the London Array, is now online and sending 507 MW of electricity to the grid for homes and businesses in the UK. The London Array design calls for 175 3.6MW Siemens wind turbines to be installed in the outer Thames Estuary, producing 630 MW, and 141 of them are now up and spinning. The project has a 50 year lease on the site (and a cable route to shore), thanks to the Crown Estate, and is intended to continue to produce clean, renewable energy for a long time. Phase One of the… read more

Pear Energy Simplifies Switching to Clean Energy in the U.S.

Buffett Takes On Solar

For residents of the United States, switching to clean energy for household energy use doesn’t have to mean putting up a solar PV array or wind turbine. Instead, users can simply choose Pear Energy to handle their energy needs, thereby supporting clean and renewable energy in the U.S.. When switching to Pear Energy, customers don’t need to get anything installed at their location, and their local utility continues to provide the electricity to the house, but Pear buys clean solar and wind power for them with their money. Pear customers get a side-by-side comparison of energy costs on each month’s… read more

This Wind Turbine Also Produces Clean Water

Eole WMS1000 Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are an excellent method of producing clean energy, but one model takes that a step further by also turning out a thousand of liters of clean drinking water each day, even in the desert. The Eole WMS1000 Wind Turbine can supply not only 30kW of power, but can also condense water out of thin air, making it a great fit for remote areas that need both power and water. The founder of Eole Water, Marc Parent, took his inspiration from the water that collected after condensing in his air conditioner, and applied the same principle to the design… read more

Bladeless Wind Generator Has No Moving Parts


Most modern wind generators take the form of the classic windmill configuration, which is a tried and true setup incorporating large spinning blades that then spin a generator for electricity production. But a new type of wind generator from researchers at TU Delft doesn’t have any moving parts at all. The device, called the EWICON (Electrostatic WIndenergy CONvertor), was developed by a pair of researchers, Johan Smit and Dhiradj Djairam, and is said to be able transform the energy of the wind into electricity, without using any mechanical moving parts. It appears that this generator is a variation on the… read more