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BLACKFISH Causes Waves Of Scrutiny For SeaWorld

BLACKFISH Causes Waves Of Scrutiny For SeaWorld

If you have ever been to SeaWorld or are thinking about it, you may want to read on. BLACKFISH is a documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival about SeaWorld, and it indicates the detriment to captive orca whales, and unfortunately, their trainers. In 2010, SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida was the home of a horrific tragedy. Tilikum, an orca whale, killed experienced trainer Dawn Brancheau. BLACKFISH is directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who has researched killer whales held in captivity for 40 years. Culminating in this eye-opening documentary, BLACKFISH tries to bring to light Brancheau’s work as a skilled trainer, and her… read more

Unbelievable Battle between Killer Whales and Sperm Whales Caught on Camera

Whale attack

Photographer Shawn Heinrichs risks his life to capture incredible footage of a group of orcas attacking a pod of sperm whales

Plastic bags are evil

Plastic bags kill turtles

Plastic bags last for five hundred to a thousand years