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Taking the Violence Out of Guns


Pedro Reyes is an artist whose work includes up-cycling artillery to make musical instruments. Having created his first series of up-cycled instruments for his Imagine project in 2012, Reyes has recently completed work on a second series, called Disarm. While the former project revolves around a collection of stringed instruments, there are 50 in total, Disarm is composed of mechanical music instruments that can be programmed to play themselves. Both were created using artillery weapons that had been seized and destroyed by the Mexican army. Including, revolvers, rifles, shot-guns, and machine guns, whose forms remain visible in their new carnation…. read more

Warfare Threats

Chemical and biological warfare

The utilisation of harmful chemicals as a weapon in combat was banned by the international community through the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling, and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction (Chemical Weapons Convention) of 1997. The secretary general of the United Nations Dr Ban Ki-moon made a press statement wherein he emphatically discouraged Syria from using biological warfare against anti-government insurgents. The secretary general intimated that there would be dire consequences for Syria if it did not heed the call to refrain from using biological warfare, because chemical weapons have no place in the… read more