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Burn Out

Burn Out

Candles are a favorite relaxing decoration for many homes, creating warm low lighting or emitting aromatic scents through the room. For more than decoration, this line of home interior also has a message. From Gentle Giants Studio, their collection of candles called BERGY BIT have been designed to mimic the effects of global warming. The name comes from the scientific definition for the process of when glacier breaks apart and another smaller one is created. As the candle burns it changes shape and resembles a melting iceberg. They were made for BOZU Italian Workshop Design and come in 3 scents. Deep Sea… read more

A Cheap Alternative to Light Bulbs

Cost-Effective Candles

During the morning and afternoon hours we’re blessed with sunlight to guide us through our daily activities. But our activities don’t end just because the sun sets. This is when the greatest use of light bulbs starts and we incur a good portion of our electricity costs. Compact fluorescent lights greatly lower the overall cost. Though they initially cost more, about $6 as compared to $1 for incandescent, after 17 months they end up saving $3.64 a year. They also last about 13 times longer. Candles are another great way to reduce use of light bulbs. Now used mostly for… read more