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Alarming Facts About Water


Whether it’s the hour-long showers folks in the U.S. take, or the bath-in-the-swamp many people are forced to endure in underdeveloped nations, water is an important commodity, never to be taken for granted. Here are some interesting facts and information about water and how it affects people around the globe. The Good Water is the main constituent in the human body, and forms 50-60% of body weight and approximately 75% of body volume. Water contains zero fat, proteins, carbs, or calories. The average person uses 465 litres of water per day. However, with education and practice, those numbers can be severely… read more

Save Our Thirsty World

Water conservation

With some places in the world facing scarce water supplies and some others trickling into the beginning stages of water shortage alerts, water conservation awareness is a must. Though many of us take having a daily water supply for granted, water scarcity around the world is a fundamental issue. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical U.S. household containing 4 members uses around 400 gallons of water per day just at home, with most of this being from indoor water use. This is more than twice the daily worldwide average, comprising a large amount of daily water use as… read more

Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Hollow Water Showers

With the current pressures on water supply systems around the world, and the emphasis to conserve water so as to not waste this precious resource, having a better shower could go a long way toward changing water use habits in the developed world. And one company wants your help to design the shower of the future, offering cash prizes and a trip to London for the winners. Do you think you can design a more efficient, smarter shower, capable of being not only enjoyable, but also more sustainable? Then you might want to hit the drawing board and come up… read more

City Puts Water and Energy Dashboard Online

City Puts Water and Energy Dashboard Online

Does it make a difference in the amount of energy or water that people use if they know more about the infrastructure and the processes involved in supplying those needs? Could residents make more sustainable decisions and change their behaviors if they were able to visualize the overall usage and the individual usage for water and energy in their city? One city believes that to be true, and have provided a public “dashboard” for their water and energy systems, in the hope that it can be a motivating factor in driving personal and community change. The city of Oberlin, Ohio… read more

Tips For Saving Water At Home

Saving money

Saving water, electricity, and other means of energy consumption can be tricky, especially during the extreme seasons, such as winter and summer. The urge to overuse can oftentimes be overpowering, especially if you’ve got children in the house. We’ve come up with four different helpful tips and advice for you to save money and minimize your carbon footprint. Green Grass The University of Nebraska is currently developing a method of creating “green grass” that would require in between 40 and 75 percent less water than traditional grass. This means you’ll save money, have a nice looking yard, and perhaps won’t… read more