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Alarming Facts About Water


Whether it’s the hour-long showers folks in the U.S. take, or the bath-in-the-swamp many people are forced to endure in underdeveloped nations, water is an important commodity, never to be taken for granted. Here are some interesting facts and information about water and how it affects people around the globe. The Good Water is the main constituent in the human body, and forms 50-60% of body weight and approximately 75% of body volume. Water contains zero fat, proteins, carbs, or calories. The average person uses 465 litres of water per day. However, with education and practice, those numbers can be severely… read more

Billboard Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

UTEP Potable Water Generator

Advertising is something we love to hate, but sometimes there’s an ad campaign that is so brilliant that you have to stop and take notice. Like this one, which can pull drinking water out of the air. A billboard in Lima, Peru, is harvesting water from the humidity in the air and filtering it, providing as much as 26 gallons each day. That may not seem like that much, considering the amount of water that most of us use every day, but in a city that only receives about 2 inches of rain per year, it’s pretty significant. While it… read more

Hypertrophication Awareness

Polluted water in Africa

Community gardens are a proudly Swazi initiative wherein many communities around the country put concerted efforts into growing and maintaining vegetable gardens to feed orphaned children, the elderly and other people who are otherwise unable to provide for themselves. It is therefore important that the gardens continue to enjoy perpetual success, which success depends on sustainable and environmentally sound methods of farming. Since an overwhelmingly vast majority of the country is rural without running tap water, the community gardens are strategically positioned near water sources such as rivers and dams. Beneficial as it might be to have the water gardens… read more