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Every Drop Is Vital

Water conservation

Water neutrality is a self explanatory, though misleading, concept. It basically refers to encouraging all water users to engage in normal day to day activity whilst using the least water as possible. This can be done by adopting water conservation measures that limit the use of water without compromising results attained by using water liberally. It is misleading in that water neutrality can never be achieved, not even theoretically. Unlike carbon emissions, water usage cannot be reduced to nil. Water neutrality can be achieved by developing and using technology that will minimize the use of water in human activity. It… read more

Machine Extracts Purified Water from Sweaty Clothes

Machine Extracts Purified Water from Sweaty Clothes

In a modern city, where clean water is available at the turn of a tap, the idea of extracting the sweat from your funky gym clothes in order to purify it into drinking water may seem like a huge stretch. But in some areas of the world, an idea like this might make a whole lot of sense. With the aim of raising awareness of the world’s water crisis, and the lack of clean water in many parts of the globe, the advertising agency Deportivo, along with engineer Andreas Hammar, have built a “sweat machine” that can safely and efficiently… read more

Taking Advantage of Rain

Heavy rains in Africa

Summer is upon Swaziland, and summer rains are in abundance with rains experienced five days in a week on average. This article is dedicated to the many Swazi homes that have made a change and decided to take full advantage of the season. Many Swazi homes in both rural and urban areas have installed external water tanks for water recycling purposes.┬áIt seems that the average Swazi has heeded the call to save tap water by using tap water for domestic purposes that do not necessarily require tap water. These water tanks are strategically placed where the roof gutter deposits rain… read more