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Polluting The Seas


If you have ever walked by a sea harbour, you may have noticed a few organisms attached to a docked large ship by the waterline. These attachments may be telling of a worse situation that lies beneath the water than the naked eye can sea. These attachments consist of micro-organism, plants, algae, molluscs and other marine organisms, and such attachment is known as biofouling. Biofouling is not a new phenomenon, it can occur on all marine vessels if appropriate anti- fouling measures are not taken. Environmental scientists have long stated that biofouling provides transportation of non-indigenous species of aquatic plant… read more

The Aftermath Of Mining

Sasar Baia Mare Gold Mine Disaster

In 2000, a gold mine tailings dam in Baia Mare, Romania was breached. Soon thereafter, all the cyanide-rich waste it contained – some 100,000 cubic meters of it – flooded into the surrounding watershed. Aside from cutting off the water supply of 2.5 million people, it killed nearly all the aquatic life residing in the nearby water. This event is not unique as we continue destructive practices all over the world, meaning many mountains of once imposing grandeur have had their surroundings reduced to rubble, and their contents exploited. After grounds have been blasted and their contents extracted, mines tailings… read more

The Wellness Of Water

Water Table Pollutants

The water on Earth is contained within a constant cycle. Water has been here since ancient times and will hopefully remain well into the future. Unfortunately, any contaminants in the water remain within the systemic cycles unless they are filtered out. From the waste created by bottled water to chemicals and medicines going down drains, water pollution doesn’t just affect the water. It disrupts the entire water table which can cause environmental damage and developmental issues. The water table is configured of rainwater that sifts underground providing water supplies to springs, lakes and waterways. Merriam-Webster’s visual dictionary has a diagram that… read more