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A Smart Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

A Smart Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

We know that it’s important to our health to drink plenty of water each day, but we also know that our lives tend to be so full and fast-paced that we can forget to stay hydrated. But thanks to a new type of water bottle (and its accompanying smartphone app), it’s about to get a lot easier. The BluFit bottle, currently in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, promises to keep you healthy and hydrated by connecting your water bottle and your smartphone in order to track your water consumption and alert you when you need to drink more water. “Our… read more

Crowdsourcing the Shower of the Future

Hollow Water Showers

With the current pressures on water supply systems around the world, and the emphasis to conserve water so as to not waste this precious resource, having a better shower could go a long way toward changing water use habits in the developed world. And one company wants your help to design the shower of the future, offering cash prizes and a trip to London for the winners. Do you think you can design a more efficient, smarter shower, capable of being not only enjoyable, but also more sustainable? Then you might want to hit the drawing board and come up… read more

Free App Helps Calculate Household Water Consumption

Water Use Calculator App

Water conservation is an important part of learning how to live more sustainably, but other than looking at a water bill once a month, there isn’t an easy way to see where the water goes. But now you can easily get more waterwise by gaining awareness of just how much water your household consumes with this new free app. The Water Use Calculator, from the National Ground Water Association, is a free iPhone/iPad app designed to help consumers build a better awareness of their own water use (and costs), and then help to reduce them. The app offers a simple… read more