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Conserving Rainwater

Conserving rainwater

Legend says that over two thirds of our earth is covered with water. But the sad part is that most of it is spread out as saline sea water. Only 3 percent of this huge volume comprises of domestically usable water. Further, this percentage shrinks to less than 1 percent when we talk about drinkable fresh water; that too locked in the ice caps. In the Middle East, over a dozen countries face problem of unavailable drinking water. In several Asian countries, unavailability of treated water forces the rural women to travel several miles every day and accumulate usable water… read more

Conserving Water at Home

Tips for saving water

Water conservation helps prevent water pollution in nearby lakes and rivers.  It will also save you money on the next utility bill.  Here are 10 tips for saving water at home: Check your faucets and pipes for leaks.  A small leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day and larger leaks can waste hundreds of gallons! Install water-saving shower heads.  Inexpensive water-saving, low-flow shower heads are easy to install.  Also try to limit shower time; get in, get clean, get out.  You can also install a shower head converter, which pauses a running shower once it gets… read more

The Sustainable Garden

Chives, Jennifer Copley

Here are five tips for those who care about the environment and would like to develop their gardens with sustainability in mind. 1. Compost: Instead of throwing away food scraps and plant trimmings and buying plastic bags filled with compost, make your own. There are a number of methods, the simplest of which is to bury kitchen scraps, leaves, and trimmings from healthy plants in the garden and let the process occur naturally. You can also use a compost bin or tumbler, a worm composting system, or a bokashi composting system to speed up the process. Don’t add meat, dairy… read more