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Food Waste Hurts Us All

Throwing It Away

Food waste has been gaining a lot of attention in the news, and statistics showing staggering amounts of food that is thrown out sparks a practical interest in how to save food and money from going to waste. One report featured by ABC News showcased the food practices of an average family of 4 and found that they typically threw away approximately 25% of their total monthly grocery bill, around the equivalent of 13 pounds of discarded food. That is a substantial amount to be thrown out, and when figuring that this is the norm for most families, it adds up… read more

Sweden – Out of Garbage

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Sweden is a Scandinavian county that has embraced recycling. So much so that a quarter of a million homes are powered by the incineration of waste. Last October they ran into a problem, this squeaky clean nation of 9.5 million had run out of garbage. The landfills have been tapped dry and Sweden has been forced to import trash from neighboring countries, such as Norway. Sweden is so trash-strapped that officials are shipping in 80,000 tons of refuse annually. Norway pays Sweden to take its excess waste, Sweden burns it for heat and electricity, and the ashes remaining from the incineration… read more

Sustainable Schools

School children playing

Sustainability in schools encompasses six key areas: water conservation, waste reduction, energy efficiency, green spaces, environmentally friendly transportation, and sustainability education. The first step to making a school more sustainable is to establish a sustainability team that includes students, teachers, other staff and, ideally, parent volunteers. This team must evaluate the school’s environmental friendliness, determine which issues can be feasibly addressed, create both short- and long-term goals, and develop an action plan. It’s also beneficial to consult with other sustainable schools and organizations to learn about best practices and to celebrate successes in meeting sustainability targets. The following are specific… read more

Waste into Art

Waste into art

Everyone has heard the saying “Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure”. Well, it has never been more relevant. The world over, we are seeing ordinary people, students and professional artists transform waste into art. There are competitions about the subject and it becoming very cool to re-invent the wheel. So to speak… “Unknown Quantity” is an Australian, independent label and design entity, which focusses on  repurposing, upcycling, vintage, obscure, and obsolete components and materials. Their products include apparel and accessories, artworks, decoupage, upcycled and repurposed objects. You can also take pre-existing garments and after a consult have them reconfigured to… read more