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Planting Hope

Planting Hope

For residents in Bil’in, Palestine, planting flowers means more than just gardening lately. As a statement for peace, many residents in the area have planted flowers inside of used tear gas grenades left behind from wars between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. Vast flower gardens have been planted in the last year as a memorial for protestor Bassem Abu Rahmeh and the many others who have died. The gardens are near the state’s capital, stretching across a 430 mile wall that was regained by Palestinians in the war. Unfortunately, the supply of containers seems never-ending. Luckily, neither is the ability to try and triumph… read more

War and the Environment

The effect of war on the environment

Human beings and infrastructure are often the focus of discussion when the destructive consequences of armed conflict are under consideration. The natural environment in which we live is often forgotten, yet it may well be the one of the most affected casualties of war. Warfare takes place on all three forms of environmental media ie. water, air and land. This very fact renders the environment vulnerable to abuse and misuse when two or more combatants are at war, especially because destroying the environment requires little effort, whereas defending the environment is not an easy feat, even for the most militarily… read more