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Plant a Tree on Arbor Day


The recognition of Arbor Day began in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton. The intent of this day was to create awareness of the importance of planting trees. 100 years later, the Arbor Day Foundation was started. This not for profit organization has a focus on conservation, environmental education and the significant role that tree planting plays in both. Trees help to reduce carbon dioxide and promote oxygen in the air. By increasing tree growth where it can be helpful instead of continually cutting down these natural resources, a positive ecological boost is created. The foundation encourages tree planting and inspires… read more

The Leadership Challenge

volunteering in leadership

Time and again, people assert that strong national leadership is what we need to move toward a sustainable future. It could certainly be argued that our political leaders are yet to “step up” to the responsibilities of effectively navigating a healthy and prosperous future for people and planet alike. But what about personal leadership? What about the leadership required within our communities, our neighbourhoods, our homes? What about the leadership required of each and every one of us? From a social change perspective, “leadership” isn’t necessarily the job of a single person within a group. Within environmental or community groups,… read more

The Value Of Volunteering – For Everyone Involved

Value Of Volunteering

Volunteering transcends assisting your community. It enriches the fabric of your life and others. The experiences you gain through volunteering could end up as skills on a resume or make you aware of current issues being faced by your city. Through volunteering, on your own or as part of a team, you learn different strategies for problem solving, improving your ability to think creatively. It also exposes you to people and places you may never have thought to interact with inside your community. This interaction may give you stronger communication skills. If you are new to an area, it is… read more

Summer Jobs for Teens


Whether you wish to gain experience before college, start a savings pool, or just want a productive way to whittle away vacation time, “green” jobs are a great way for teens to make a positive impact during their time off from scholastic duties. Work Locally Instead of applying to the nearest Starbucks, seek out positions at local cafes and bakeries instead, especially those who practice strong environmental stewardship. These could include coffee shops who only sell fair trade products or mom-and-pop restaurants who support local agriculture by using local and organic ingredients in their dishes. You could also apply for… read more