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Zelectric Turns Classic VW Beetles into Electric Cars

Zelectric Bug

Instead of designing a whole new vehicle to produce an electric car, one company is retrofitting classic VW Beetles with electric drivetrains, letting style-conscious drivers get behind the wheel of a (now) zero-emissions icon. The auto world is turning out all sorts of new designs for electric vehicles, with some being modifications of existing new car models, and others designing them from the ground up. But there are a lot of great pre-owned classic cars that could be a good fit for an electric vehicle conversion, including the 60s era VW Beetle. Zelectric, out of San Diego, California, offers investment-grade… read more

VW Announces First All Electric Production Car: e-up!

Volkswagen e-up!

A new compact electric car may soon hit the streets, as Volkswagen announces the debut of its e-up! model, which will mark VW’s first foray into a production version of an electric vehicle. The vehicle will premiere at the Annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg Germany this week. The new model, a four-seater with a driving range of up to 150 km, is geared for daily city use and can take an 80% charge on its 18.7-kWh lithium-ion battery pack in just 30 minutes. The e-up! is said to be nearly noise-free while operating, and its motor can produce… read more