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Naturally Effective Produce Washes

Naturally Effective Produce Washes

Many consumers are concerned about pesticides or sprays used in the production of fruit and vegetables. As a consequence, produce washes are available for purchase. Are they as effective as plain water, or do they leave a residue behind too, and money wasted? According to experts, specially developed fruit washes are not needed, and do not provide any benefits over rubbing foods under running water. Preparing produce with clean hands, utensils and at sanitary workstations helps to ensure contamination doesn’t sneak in also. Though thoroughly washing with running water provides effective cleansing, a Cook’s Illustrated study concurred that after examining different methods… read more

Naturally Enhancing Photography And Interiors

Naturally Enhancing Photography And Interiors

Adding to an interior space on a budget often requires planning, searching for items and lots of hands-on time spent trying to pull everything together. Accessory pieces like photographs and prints are an easy way to add elements of color, texture and richness to a space. Experimenting with photography and natural dyes can create a distinctive look using ecological and economical resources. Organic dying can create effective but often varied results. While a natural process can make a one of a kind item, do not take a chance on ruining treasured photographs. When using organic stains to add a tone to… read more

Cleaning Made Eco-Simple

Cleaning Made Simple

Sometimes cleaning takes more than soap and water. But chemicals in common cleaning products remain a cause for concern as they may release harmful toxins. They can also be hazards to safety, especially in a house full of kids or animals. You may already have items that can clean and disinfect just as effectively as store bought cleaning agents. Here are crucial items that should be part of every cleaning kit. Baking soda, when mixed with water, makes a paste that effectively cleans sinks and other hard surfaces. Mixing it with warm water cleans silver and removes tarnish. Vinegar is… read more

Green Spring Cleaning

Cleaning with natural products

When sunny days beckon the longing to be outdoors more, the opportunity for getting things organized inside begins to present itself. If your home, like many, has forgotten about projects and covert locations where dust has stockpiled, spring cleaning is a productive housekeeping ritual to adopt. The first step to a cleaner home is to inspect the cleaners already on hand. Toxic chemicals may in fact clean, but they can also offer health hazards that aren’t wanted. It isn’t necessary to have a separate product for every household chore, and most of the time money-saving, natural cleaning solutions can be concocted… read more

The organic home

Organic home

If you haven’t noticed the onslaught of “natural/organic” products in the past few years then you have been hiding in the Himalayas. Pure products are omnipresent and it seems the “organic” industry can only get bigger. Amongst some stellar natural products, there are also some dubious impostors that claim to be something they are not. Of course the only way to truly know how natural the products are, is to make it yourself. In a modern world there are some commercial beauty and cleaning products I cannot live without, however, there are some common natural products found in your cupboard that can… read more