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Eagle Cam Shares Bird’s Eye View over Chamonix

Eagle Cam Shares Bird's Eye View over Chamonix (video)

What’s it like to fly like an eagle over one of the most beautiful places on Earth? That might seem like a silly question, because we’ll probably never fly like an eagle, but now you can find out what the view looks like from up there, thanks to YouTuber Srachi, who uploaded this video of the Mer De Glace area of Chamonix,  taken with a GoPro camera mounted onto the back of one.

Animated Guide to US Energy Use

Animated Guide to US Energy Use

How much do you know about the energy system in the U.S. (or any country, for that matter)? How much energy does it take to power an entire country, where does it all come from, and who’s using it all? It’s an incredibly complex system, and teasing out just enough information to be informed, without feeling as if we need to go get a graduate degree in order to understand it, can be tough. But The Atlantic’s series The User’s Guide to Energy goes a long way toward helping us get a grasp on how energy works in America. Here’s… read more

Documentary Captures Pivotal Moment in Electric Motorcycle Racing


When we think of motorcycle racing, we probably associate it with loud engines and the smell of burning fuel, neither of which is really conducive to a greener, cleaner world. But a new breed of bikers is changing all of that, with their zero-emissions racing bikes serving as examples of what’s possible with electric transportation technology. Can a bunch of maniacs on motorcycles be a force for global good? Absolutely, especially if those same maniacs are leading innovation and advances in electric drive technology, while turning heads and setting records on their blazingly fast electric motorbikes. “For the visionaries, it’s… read more

The Most Beautiful Video on Earth

NASA ISS Earth at night

The world celebrates Earth Day today, the 22nd of April, with over one billion people taking part, according to Earth Day Network. The theme this year is ‘The Face of Climate Change’, and the idea is that we are all affected in some way by climate change. The impacts are real, not only on the natural environment, but also on people from all walks of life. If you need another reason to celebrate, here’s one. Watch this incredible montage of night-time images from the International Space Station, as produced by Knate Myers. Image Source