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The Power Of A Purchase

The Power Of A Purchase

If you have ever wondered what the effect of purchasing a product is, one example of a company that actually makes that possible is Given Goods. Each product at their marketplace has been chosen for its reciprocal properties, and the stories of the merchandise is also shared with members. They tell how the purchase of each particular item effects the area where it came from as well as the difference it makes for individuals and their families. They also have programs associated with some products that are meant to benefit various humanitarian efforts. Their interactive community map allows customers to check… read more

Go Green Warehouse

Recycled products

In my previous article concerning the Green Jobs for Veterans organization, one of the programs mentioned was the Go Green Warehouse. Like other Green Jobs for Veterans programs, Go Green Warehouse hires both veterans and non-veterans, with a natural preference for the former. Located in Denver, Colorado, the warehouse has two main functions, as it is both a green thrift store to homeowners and a program that provides veterans with stable employment. This is not a random merger of causes, and as we explore the details of each separately it may become more clear that the success of one greatly affects that… read more

Green Jobs for Veterans

Green jobs for veterans

Despite the gratitude we have towards veterans and the courageous acts they perform, there is not enough being done to honor their services when they return. It is refreshing, then, to learn of organizations like Veterans Green Jobs, who connect veterans of all eras with employment opportunities in the green sector. Veterans Green Jobs was founded in 2008, in Denver, Colorado and seems to be the perfect union of veteran job placement and environmental protection.  They strive to equipped veterans with skills that can transfer to meaningful green jobs. Helping veterans gain stability with careers that serve an important role in creating a better environment… read more