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Gardens Inside, Up and Down

Gardens Inside, Up and Down

Gardens can be cultivated in many forms, and indoor vertical gardens are an increasingly popular way to work in a fresh, green space nearly anywhere. Some restaurants and commercial businesses use large indoor garden designs to add ambiance and to improve indoor air quality, but they are also great for home interiors, adding aesthetic and air cleaning properties. A study which examined the effects of indoor plants over time at the workplace found that indoor gardens helped promote cleaner oxygen in indoor spaces and can reduce volatile organic compounds that can be found inside from paint or construction materials. Besides being visually enticing, they… read more

World’s Largest Bio-Wall Created In London


To combat flooding, and to attract even more tourism, designers in London created a “living wall” on the side of a luxury hotel. Over 10,000 plants have been added to the tapestry–16 tons worth in total. One of the lessons in this tapestry is that it shows how nature is both functional and artistic. www.fastcodesign.com The total mass of the tapestry covers 3,770 square-feet. You can check out a quick video below showing you more angles of the tapestry than we have pictures of. To learn how to make your own “living wall”, visit Plants On Walls.

Green Louver Building

Green building

Architects Rothe Lowman White has launched an innovative green building in Melbourne, Australia. The $90 million office tower features louvers which are designed to follow the sun and thus provide the optimal mix of shade on the glass while allowing natural light to enter the building. The building consists of approximately 12,600 square meters (135,000 sq ft) of office space and 1,900 square meters (20,000 sq ft) of retail space over seven levels, and is located in the heart of South Melbourne a 10 minute walk from the CBD. The development has a street level bicycle facility featuring 85 secure… read more