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Smog-Eating Sidewalks

Artist Concept

It’s the subject of much discussion; the level of pollution in America. Each year, machines spew millions of tons of pollution into the environment, killing wildlife, people, and creating barren wastelands uninhabitable by civilized life. Thankfully, the world is awakening to the crisis before us. Ironically leading the charge in part is the city of Chicago, Illinois. Here we find a small glimpse into the future; pollution-gobbling sidewalks and roads that suck up toxic chemicals like a sand lion swallows ants. It’s called “photocatalytic cement.” This magic stuff is covered in titanium dioxide particles that remove gases from the air…. read more

Fiat’s Electric Car


There aren’t very many luxury vehicles that have made the switch to electric, but Italian carmaker Fiat is changing that trend. The Fiat 500e Electric Car just received a 116 MPGe rating from the EPA. This makes it one of the few quality electric vehicles on the market. The Fiat vehicle also beats out many of the smaller electric vehicles in its class with regards to its EPA rating. With its 122 MPGe city, 108 MPGe highway, and a combined 116 MPGe energy output, the 500e has big plans to compete with the bigger names, such as Nissan and Chevy…. read more

Alternative Energy Travel

Electric and hybrid vehicles

It has been predicted that gas-powered vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid modes of conveyance within 50 years. This would be a tremendous benefit to our planet, as well as other areas of everyday life impacted by alternative energy transportation. The importance of these ecologically conducive vehicles in today’s automobile research/development cannot be overstated, and here’s why: Health Benefits- Regional pollution will be dramatically reduced when a growing section of the population switches to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) or hybrid automobiles. Carbon emissions can adversely affect personal health if a driver is in or near a vehicle with poor… read more