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Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Grow And Eat Swiss Chard For Good Health

Swiss chard is a nutrient rich vegetable, containing high levels of essential minerals and vitamins like K, A and C and is a great source of phytonutrients. It has been specified as being one of the most healthful vegetables, coming in second to spinach. This leafy produce may get overlooked amidst other greens, but giving it a try will brighten up foods and give your diet a nutritional boost. The leaves, which have a sweeter flavor, are great for adding vibrant color to salads, pastas and other dishes. The stems can also be eaten and contain glutamine. This can aid… read more

Vegetable Composting

Vegetable composting

Vegetable composting is a vital to reduce wasting at our landfills. It is just that simple. Why send it off to a landfill when it can be planted in the front yard for composting. When cooking, use an additional bowl to collect food waste such as vegetable and fruit tops, peels, and ends. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, and egg shells are likewise useful in composting.  It is best not to use meats or greasy food as it can attract animals and cause a bad odor. Simply blend your compost into the garden about 12 inches deep. One method is to… read more