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Solar Panels Will Soon Make Utilities Obsolete


In a report released last January, the Edison Electric Institute heralds in relatively blatant terms a great success in renewable energy – and the impending death of utility companies. The news comes as utilities face the risk of losing customers to renewables due to rate reductions and technological innovation. Utilities have remained predominantly unchanged for the better part of a century, with no real competition. As such, the growing prosperity of renewable sources may find them ill-equipped to concoct a plan for battling their losses. Instead, it appears they’ll dedicate time to preserving the ‘integrity’ of their image and product…. read more

British Gas May Offer Free Electricity on Saturdays


If you’re in the UK and one of British Gas’ customers that have a smart meter, you might be able to get free electricity every Saturday. As a bid to encourage customers to use more of their electricity on the weekends, when demand from businesses is much lower, the energy company is said to already be piloting the project, with a larger group of users getting access to it in 2014. British Gas customers who agree to the program will get a full 24 hours of free electricity every Saturday, which may let them offset some of their energy costs,… read more

Pear Energy Simplifies Switching to Clean Energy in the U.S.

Buffett Takes On Solar

For residents of the United States, switching to clean energy for household energy use doesn’t have to mean putting up a solar PV array or wind turbine. Instead, users can simply choose Pear Energy to handle their energy needs, thereby supporting clean and renewable energy in the U.S.. When switching to Pear Energy, customers don’t need to get anything installed at their location, and their local utility continues to provide the electricity to the house, but Pear buys clean solar and wind power for them with their money. Pear customers get a side-by-side comparison of energy costs on each month’s… read more

Sun + Mirrors = Power


Leading green power companies have formed the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance