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So, Where Did The Weird Wheat Come From?

So, Where Did The Weird Wheat Come From?

A curious thing appeared in a wheat field in Eastern Oregon recently. Attempting to get rid of some out of harvest wheat plants that sprouted, farmers noticed that the plants did not respond to a commonly used herbicide called glyphosate. They knew this was not a normal type of wheat. Oregon State researchers were called in to examine the crop for why it was unaffected by the herbicide, and it was found that the plants were in fact genetically resistant to the substance. Further investigation revealed that the plants came from a particular wheat strain produced by a St. Louis, Missouri… read more

Bee Population Reaches A Record Loss


Over the duration of the 20th century, 50 percent of wild bee species were lost in the U.S. Just this last winter, honey-beekeepers reported an average bee die-off of 50 percent, which is the highest the die-off rate has been in the last forty years. Of all the foods we eat, at least 75 percent rely on the pollination of bees, including blueberries, almonds, and coffee (which is already under ecological strain). This furthermore threatens the existence of  animal species whose diets are comprised solely on berries, nuts, and other pollination dependent fruit and seeds. According to the USDA ,… read more