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Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

Mia Electric is Pioneering Urban Electric Cars

In the electric vehicle market, there’s a lot being done in the luxury and sports car niches (think Tesla), and there are some electric entries in the traditional sedan or city-car models (Ford Focus and Fusion, Nissan Leaf, etc.), but for something completely different, there’s a new contender for the urban car market. Mia Electric is building an electric vehicle that’s been designed from the bottom up to be a great urban transport, starting from a blank slate. According to Mia, they tried to answer the question of what people really needed for urban mobility, and looking at their resulting… read more

Inner-City Nomads

Inner City Nomads

Urban mobility, and transient living take on a new life with the introduction of Tricycle-Houses in Beijing.  They can be likened to a caravan or mobile home, though also a human-powered chariot, as citizens, it seems, are able to take official residence within their tricycle-house, while moving freely about the city. This comes as a necessity, in a country where owning a home is becoming nearly impossible as the cost of land ownership continues to rise and space is increasingly becoming a rare luxury. Appearances aside, tricycle-houses are equipped with enough ‘tricks’ and stow-able amenities to make living off the… read more

Zipcar for scooters

Scoot Networks

A startup called Scoot Networks has launched a Zipcar-style sharing network for electric scooters. The company is a graduate of the Greenstart accelerator program which is focused on incubating startups in the intersection of green and IT. Scoot Networks is building a fleet of smart-phone-enabled, 30 MPH (50 km/h), electric, Vespa-style scooters offered in a convenient, bicycle sharing-type system. They will be available on-demand throughout major cities and priced competitively with taxis and public transit. Shared electric motor-scooters have the optimal combination of speed, cost, convenience, and sustainability for the BILLIONS of intra-urban trips that take place every day in… read more

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