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An Aquaponic Farm in a Shipping Container

An Aquaponic Farm in a Shipping Container

To showcase what can be done for local food production in an urban setting anywhere in the city, Kate Hofman and Tom Webster built a combination vertical farm and aquaponics system into an upcycled shipping container, called the GrowUp Box. “We want to show how fresh food can be grown anywhere in the city in a way that is ecologically sustainable and commercially scalable. For us, aquaponics is the technology that can make that vision a reality – by producing fresh fish and vegetables in a recirculating farming system.” – GrowUp Box With the help of some crowdfunding on Kickstarter,… read more

Largest Indoor Vertical Farm in U.S. Opens in Chicago


Growing food near where it’s sold or consumed is getting to be a bigger trend in the U.S., and the opening of a 90,000 square foot indoor vertical farm near Chicago is testimony to the demand for these types of operations. The FarmedHere growing operation in Bedford Park, IL, is inside of a previously abandoned warehouse, and it uses a combination of aquaponics and aeroponics to produce fresh greens for area stores. The plants are grown in stacks of beds six feet high, and are illuminated by artificial lighting and fed with nutrient-rich water from tanks of tilapia fish. According… read more

Farms in the City

Farm in the city, Holland

It is very exciting to report on three new and inventive ways to produce and sell food on the retail scene. These promise to utilize modern sustainable agriculture techniques to make good food available to the local masses. All encompass the theme that healthy food should not have to go on a massive mile journey to get to the table. These fresh food concepts are friendly for the environment as well as the surrounding shoppers. Located in the East End of London, FARM:shop is just what its name says. This farm inside a shop aims to make fresh food accessible to the neighboring city… read more

The Need for Urban Farms


Currently, half the world’s population lives in cities and by 2030 the number of urban dwellers is expected to reach 70 percent of the entire population. Because of the constant population growth, in total cities will swell up to well over 9 billion. Meanwhile there is an ever persistent need to feed this growing population. This can pose problems in dense areas of limited space. As we come closer to realizing this reality, urban farming becomes more than experiment in sustainability and will soon be a necessity if we wish to have a balanced flow of the consumption and production… read more

Urban Farming

Urban farming

Would it ever be possible for people to walk down their own street and instead of seeing bare land in the landscape visualize urban farms filled with fresh vegetables grown by a community and shared by that same community? Regardless of whether it is a small cluster of herbs or a larger space covered in fruits and vegetables, it creates the idea of food sustainability within a community. Not only does it spread the ideology of food sustainability, it composes the thought that community collaboration is essential. Urban farming can have a major impact on climate change as well. If… read more