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Taking the Violence Out of Guns


Pedro Reyes is an artist whose work includes up-cycling artillery to make musical instruments. Having created his first series of up-cycled instruments for his Imagine project in 2012, Reyes has recently completed work on a second series, called Disarm. While the former project revolves around a collection of stringed instruments, there are 50 in total, Disarm is composed of mechanical music instruments that can be programmed to play themselves. Both were created using artillery weapons that had been seized and destroyed by the Mexican army. Including, revolvers, rifles, shot-guns, and machine guns, whose forms remain visible in their new carnation…. read more

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Beds can take up a lot of space, and designs that are meant to save room can sometimes be rudimentary. However, the following are a few examples meant to incorporate modernism and function that make normal beds seem, well, normal. The bedup from DÉCADRAGES is a modern take on the murphy bed concept, but instead of folding up into the wall this bed stores in the ceiling. When the sleeping surface is not wanted the bed, which is mounted into a stabilized system, can be placed up near the ceiling level. When put up out of the way a shelf… read more

Case of Bass Providing a Cool Way to Upcycle Tunes

Case of Bass Providing a Cool Way to Upcycle Tunes

They have deemed it an anti-earbud movement with style. Ezra and Alex Cimino-Hurt, brothers and business partners, have found a creative way to reuse tossed out suitcases, train boxes, speakers and electrical components. And what is even better than an upcycling project is one that ends up with a dual duty purpose. Located in Portland, Oregon, their brainchild, Case of Bass, offers musical reincarnations of the carrying case. They refurbish discarded cases and turn them into sound systems, complete with inner audio workings powered by lightweight, rechargeable battery packs. They only resort to using new materials and electronics when worthy… read more

All Grown Up? But What About All This Stuff?

Repurposing Baby Items

If you have had a new one enter the household, you are probably aware of how fast they tend to grow out of things. From baby gear to clothes, the time spent in them can be short-lived. Often baby’s things can be reused in a different way to extend their life and usefulness. For instance, everyday necessities like baby wipe containers can be turned into nifty organizational tools that can be labeled and easily cleaned off. Whether round or rectangular shaped, they can be repurposed to fit where they are needed. Using them as portable carriers for pencils, paper, stickers… read more

Plastic Bag Solutions

Recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags, as horrible for the environment as they are, seem to still be everywhere. Many grocery and retail stores continue to use them, and even though they may get recycled once you bring them home they can also seem to multiply around the house. Efforts to keep them from ending up as part of the landscape are key, but if you have a hand for crafting there are also plentiful cool projects to do with surplus plastic bags. CraftingaGreenWorld has 10 splendid plastic bag conversions. Unexpected things like placemats, beads and even crinkle toys can be created using plastic… read more

eBay Giving Works to Charity


In a consumer society what and how you buy products reflects your personality and your values. Whether you wear your friend’s old clothes or get creative making old tees into scarves, you are creating a second life instead of throwing them into a landfill and creating waste. Now there is a way to combine the desire to purchase and the desire to help someone else in the same transaction. If you have ever browsed eBay you may have noticed that some listings are a part of eBay Giving Works. eBay Giving Works is monitored by Mission Fish and allows 10-100% of an auction… read more

New Ways to Reuse Trash

Reusing household rubbish

Trash Backwards is a nifty website that works like a search engine, but alas, it is better. The main difference being: instead of typing in inquiries on current events you type in an object’s name and, upon entering, are given ideas on how to reuse it. Though there is a little more to it than that. Below the search box is no standard search button, but three different buttons to select after entering an item’s name. The first of these is the “Reuse It” button, which leads you to up-cycling ideas and their source websites, which contain a lot of… read more

The Cost of Jewelry

Mining for diamonds

When you look at a piece of jewelry, say a diamond ring, you are struck first by its beauty – the precision of its angles, the way the light plays off its cut – its implications, and its cost. Rarely does the first impression invoke questions of the ring’s extensive environmental cost, of which often the debt cannot be repaid. Should you consider the past of a piece of jewelry, you are confronted with the baggage of each material. For every strand of man made pearls, a mussel has had foreign matter inserted into its valves through a human induced… read more