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This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

This DIY Pallet Design Will Move You

Wooden pallet designs are all over the place, but this one from artist Tomáš Moravec is totally original – and dangerously inventive. By taking a wooden pallet and placing wheels on each corner, Moravec figured out that it would fit right on the rails of the Bratislava, Slovakia trolley system. The tracks in the region are sized differently than the ones in the U.S and Europe, and Moravec noticed that the narrower tracks perfectly nest the wheels from the pallet. Conveniently, this allows the artist to travel through the city in quite an unusual way (click on the image below to watch the… read more

Building with Bottles

Building with Bottles

In the 1960s, Heineken beer introduced a new bottle design that would allow the neck of one bottle to interlock with the bottom of another, making use of a recessed cavity at the bottom. This clever design enabled the bottle to be recycled and converted into a brick. The bottle became known as the WOBO, short for “The World Bottle”. The idea came from Alfred Heineken himself, and was a response to the shock of seeing the litter created by his own products, as during a vacation on the island of Curaçao, empty Heineken bottles washed ashore. To enable the… read more

Green Your Valentine

Green Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, relationships, family, and friendship. Although when you consider how much energy it takes to create all those goodies, gifts, and especially the cards it is a whole lot of waste. At any given store in the month of February tons of paper cards grace the shelves. Can you imagine the carbon footprint Valentine’s Day leaves behind each year. Here is a unique way to ‘green’ your Valentine’s Day for adults and children alike. Plant cards Can be made from old scrap paper, contain seeds and can be planted. To make the seed paper just use scrap paper… read more

Turn Junk Into Artful Installations


Many items commonly identified as junkyard fodder can be salvaged and converted into unique decorations around your yard. In doing so, these aged possessions stand proud as personal relics in which you can fondly look upon with cherished memories. Cars can, for example,  be filled with living hood ornaments, just as the one above. If you have a working car that isn’t in use, you can fill the trunk with plants instead, creating a portable garden that you can cruise through the neighborhood like your own, personal parade float showcase. Though a crown of blooms is just as fetching. Along… read more

Couple Builds Dream Cabin from Refurbished Windows


Nick Olsen and Lilah Horwitz met at an artists’ residency in Pennsylvania. Both are artists of various mediums, though Olsen is primarily a photographer, while Horwitz designs on-site clothing lines with pieces that pertain to the city in which they were created. Shortly after meeting, perhaps even ‘on their first date’ Horwitz claims, Olsen took Horwitz to his family’s property in the mountains of West Virginia. This would also be the setting where, inspired by the spectacle of the slowly setting sun, the couple first imagined plans for a house wherein one was enshrouded with natural light – whether the… read more

Upcycled Birdhouses


Online media has been fairly extensive in its coverage of arboreal retreats for humans. These branch supported houses are prolific for a reason, offering up alternate accommodations that are as intriguing as they are environmentally aware. But, perhaps due to the traditional sentiment of the season, I feel inclined to take a more conventional route and write now of avian spaces for our feathered friends instead. Why, what could be exciting about birdhouses that are for, well, birds? Are they not self-explanatory already? Let me tell you, these are no ordinary hideaways on sticks and poles. Though conventional in concept,… read more

Crafty Uses for Take-out Containers


Even when thoroughly cleaned and let to dry, Chinese takeout containers, due to their wax and plastic coating, are often unacceptable donors to the recycle bin. But with annual orders of Chinese takeout peaking above the billions, most don’t wish to idly stand and let the stacks of container waste rise, let alone participate themselves. So, while by no means a solid solution, as it doesn’t put a stop to the creation of new, equally un-recyclable food containers, up-cycling does allow you to put a creative dent in your own waste. And, in many cases it serves to reduce additional… read more

Oil Cans Make Functional Guitars


Bohemian Guitars is a company crafting real, functional guitars that are made from old oil-cans. The company was created by brothers Shaun and Adam Lee. Growing up part-time in Johannesburg, South Africa, they later witnessed, on a return visit, the ingenious use of oil cans by locals to create affordable instruments that they could play. The impressionable memory created by the South African townsfolk drove the brothers to make guitars themselves, also using recycled oil cans. The outcome proved a bit more sophisticated, resulting in fully-fledged electric guitars. Rather than imitating the do-it-yourself aesthetic to fit current trends, the bodies… read more

Light Fixtures Made From Laundry – and Other Luminous Designs


From self-powered lamps to light fixtures made from dirty laundry, the following lighting designs are innovative and well hung in any modern home, facilitating the change to Eco-friendly illumination to keep homeowners out of the Dark Ages. Living Light pendant lamps make luminous vessels for hanging plants. Designed by Michael Oechsle, they allow you to enjoy a suspended garden of herbs right above your dining room table. Other than the occasional tending, herbs are nourished both by light and a water reservoir that lies at the top. Through the forces of gravity, the water seeps down within the lamp and… read more

Make Your Own, Portable Office


Portable offices are a convenient way to carve out space that is adequate for conducting work, but is adjustable – and altogether transferable – at times when you need to allot space to other activities. Often, portable offices are made using new or old storage units, like travel trunks. This is particularly useful for those who telecommute or run a business from home, providing an extensive home office that can be stowed away like a briefcase at the end of each day. To give you an idea of portable offices, here are a few pr-existing options available. Trunk Station This… read more