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DIY Patio Umbrella Ideas And Repairs

DIY Patio Umbrella And Repairs From Salvaged Parts

Adding shade to a patio makes it an instant outdoor gathering spot on sunny days. However, patio umbrellas can be pricey. Also, some are not made for durability and can’t make it through a windstorm, leaving a lopsided umbrella with ripped fabric and a less than perfect appearance. Making your own patio umbrella can be done by using salvaged pieces from a regular umbrella, or by reusing supplies and constructing your own. If you have an old umbrella that has seen better days but the frame is still together, it may be able to be repurposed into a bigger patio sized umbrella… read more

Umbrellas – Not Just For The Rain

Umbrellas – Not Just For The Rain

Umbrellas come in handy during inclement weather, but their flimsy design can often cause them to fall apart. Some have found durable designs and upcycled uses for them that are creative, but are also weather ready and waterproof. Crafty Moods has a clever idea for less than perfect umbrellas. This do it yourself canopy costs much less than a purchased one and can be personalized. Just affix a sheet, curtain or favored fabric around it by sewing to the end of the umbrella. Or, for a no sew project use a grommet punch and run ribbon or string through the… read more