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Food Chains: Revealing The True Cost Of A Purchase

Food Chains: Revealing The True Cost Of A Purchase

Transparency in the food supply is more important than ever. It is great to know more about where our food is grown, raised and what it contains. However, for those of us who wonder where our food actually comes from, we also need to be aware of who is behind the production. Farmers, laborers and families represent the force behind our food supply. A new must-see documentary has just been released called Food Chains that exposes this largely unnoticed operation and the real people who are behind stocking our shelves. The spotlight is placed on the U.S. agricultural industry, government… read more

Tapped – A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped - A Look At Bottled Water

Tapped is an award winning documentary film by Stephanie Soechtig that explores the effects of bottled water on society. Most no longer believe marketing tactics that try to make us think bottled water comes from a bubbling natural, abundant spring. According to the documentary, almost 40% of bottled water is really just filtered tap water that is packaged and resold at premium prices. The majority of those in the U.S. are fortunate enough to have reliable access to safe drinking water simply by turning on a faucet or pushing a button to release a cold, filtered glass. Many are also… read more

Will Fast Food Serve Up A Fair Wage?

Will Fast Food Serve Up A Fair Wage?

Recent strikes have been occurring over the past few months and probably more are in the works for the restaurant industry. Fair wages are on the itinerary, and low wage workers are tired of waiting. If you have ever been employed in fast food production or know someone who has, this is a pertinent subject. Long hours, no benefits, and often irregular schedules can also come with a side of low pay for many food service workers. Fast food is no stranger to criticism over rising obesity levels and poor nutrition. However, healthy options offered or not, current society is… read more

Guess How Much Food The U.S. Wastes Each Year?


Given how many American families do not have enough food on their tables each night, the statistics of how much food wastage there is each year in the U.S. is quite shocking.

U.S. Approves 1100 MW in Clean Energy Projects

BLM renewable energy

Three major renewable energy projects on public lands in the U.S. got the green light from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar yesterday, and are expected to be able to deliver 1100 MW of clean power to the grid when completed and operating. These approvals are part of the current U.S. “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, which aims to increase domestic production and capacity. “In just over four years, we have advanced 37 wind, solar and geothermal projects on our public lands – or enough to power more than 3.8 million American homes. These projects are bolstering rural economies by generating good jobs… read more