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World’s Largest Wind Farm

Image of a Wind Farm

The world’s largest wind farm is going to be built in Japan. The catch? It’s going to be built just 10 short miles from the Fukishima nuclear reactor. Since the Fukishima disaster a few years ago, Japan has been seeking ways to clean up their energy grid, and the construction of this wind farm is a very big step on the way to ecological energy independency. The current record-holder for the largest wind farm is the Greater Gabbard Farm off the coast of Suffolk in the U.K. It produces 504 Megawatts of electricity with its 140 turbines. In contrast, the… read more

Flying Wind Farms

Flying wind farms

Can you imagine a balloon fitted with turbines and long tubes flying at over 30,000 feet in the air? This just might be the wave of the future in wind energy. According to NASA , at 30,000 feet turbines can tap into the jet stream which could conduct 20,000 to 40,000 watts per meter of energy. This is an abundance more than the normal 500 watts in which ground turbines can produce. Flying wind farms additionally can be reeled in during storms and will take up less space than the normal ground turbines. There are several ideas for the structure… read more