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Compact Speaker Systems – How Do They Sound?

Compact Speaker Systems - How Do They Sound?

With portability and versatility in mind, compact speaker systems are popping up all over that are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are space saving and can carry less of an impact than larger scale models. Vers has a line of speakers that come in handcrafted wood cabinets that are said to enhance the sound quality. The Vers 1Q started as a concept product on Kickstarter and is now available. When 2 of the 1Qs are combined they become a 13 watt stereo system, and this also comes standard in the 2Q. The company has an environmentally responsible… read more

The Scoop On Christmas Trees

The Scoop On Christmas Trees

Christmas trees can be a popular sight around the holidays. Decorated, bright and attention grabbing, they can make a room sparkle. If you are planning on having a Christmas tree, you may wonder which type is best, a living or fake one. Personal preferences can develop for either, as some prefer the look and aroma of the real deal and some may like the ease factor associated with faux versions. Either choice can have environmental concerns. Real Christmas Trees Christmas tree farms can be a beautiful site. However this- eventually turns into this: Though they are beautiful when freshly cut,… read more

Naturally Organized

Naturally Organized

Giving items a place to nest helps keep spaces in order. The following shelves are inspired by the natural design of trees and branches, and they are eye-catching ways to store household objects. These organizational designs can also be replicated with some do it yourself woodworking skill. The library tree branch from woodcraft designer Olivier Dollé is made from birch veneer and oak wood. With a focus on handmade woodworking designs as opposed to commercial productions, this arrangement can be installed in any room for a functional piece that pulls from the outdoors. Booktree by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis offers a… read more

Where Girls Are Born And Trees Are Planted

Trees Planted for Girls Born

In the country of India, of all places, you probably wouldn’t imagine the locals consider changes in the environment seriously. After all, this country is known for its increasing overpopulation problem, and not so much for being forward-thinking saviors of the planet. Their cities are rife with pollution, they have little in the way of factory regulations, and many more problems than worrying about the future world they’re leaving behind for their children to inherit. And yet through all of this, one small village in the western state of Rajasthan has decided to buck tradition and give more to our… read more

Tips on Efficient House Preparations for Summer

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There are proper ways to get your home in shape for the summer, and then there’s the way most everyone else does it. We’d like to share some important tips and techniques to help you best ready for the summer heat waves. Some of our suggestions may seem like no-brainers, but they can often become neglected. The first is to use your air conditioning unit conservatively. This can be done in several ways. You can make sure to insulate your home so that no cool air escapes (this is also useful in the wintertime), purchase some oscillating floor fans to… read more

Pervasive Pine Trees


Pine trees are a common fixture in the natural landscape, thriving in countries as varied as Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Bermuda, and Argentina. Pines are actually native to the northern hemisphere, specifically in North America and Eurasia, but due to the intentional planting of pines in foreign regions for industrial and commercial purposes, they can now be found in a majority of the southern hemisphere. They adapt quite well, even in tropical climates and soils of poor quality.  The problem with this is pines are quick to colonize in these foreign lands, and are prohibiting the growth of native plants that… read more

Forests – Natural Beauties

Natural forests

When was the last time you stood silently in a forest and emersed in the experience? Breathed in deep. Smelled the air. Listened to the sounds that emerged layer upon layer… Did you know that 2011 was International Year of the Forest? It was a time to inspire people to connect with nature, to explore the living world in ways they may not have explored it before. Every year should be year of the forest. Every person deserves the wonder of engaging with natural woodland and bushland and forest environments that live beyond the reach of urban development. Next time… read more

Tailoring Tradition

Christmas traditions

Holidays are built upon the traditions of the past, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for altercation. The best traditions, and ultimately the ones that hold up through new generations, are those that can be tailored to fit society’s current needs. Unfortunately, today’s holiday season is marked strongly by consumption- or rather the over-consumption of products, gifts, travel miles, and electricity. The obsession with consumer goods is also at odds with the meaning of the holidays themselves. It is, after all, the season for giving. Though to many who celebrate the holidays, they have just become a habit or a break from work. Fair enough. But for those… read more

What Leaves Reveal


Leaves can seem little more than accessories to flowers and trees. However, they provide much more than colorful foliage or shaded escapes. They are essential to a plant’s health and we can benefit a lot from learning about the role leaves play in plant life. Doing so allows you to identify not only the condition of your plants, but of your living environment. It is true, plants need a good plot of land and plenty of sun. But they are also fueled by sugar. Leaves are essential in supplying them with the sugar they need as their blades are like nets of… read more

Garden Centerpieces

Flowers in tree stumps

Removing an old tree stump can be costly, averaging a hundred dollars if you do it yourself  (using a rented stump grinder) and more if you hire a professional to remove it. But the landscaping opportunities a tree stump brings can eliminate the need to dispose of it altogether. Though I don’t recommend chopping down a healthy tree for the sake of ornamental purposes, an existing stump makes a great host to a variety of plants.  Tree stumps can also serve as natural seating or tables. To create a nook for flowers and other plants, make sure you have handy… read more