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China’s Car-Straddling Bus

China Mega Bus

In mid-2010, China debuted a prototype design for a “straddling bus”; a giant train-like vehicle that would use existing street lanes and drive overtop of traffic. The massive vehicle would carry 1200-1400 passengers at any given time, stands 4.5m high with two levels, and can travel 60km/h. It would travel over existing streets because of its elevated design. The bus concept was created as a solution to China’s major congestion problems, and also as a means to reduce their exorbitant pollution levels. It would be powered by electricity and solar power, which presents a major innovation for such a large… read more

Rail Travel a Better Option


Since the invention of the automobile, many have fantasized taking to the open road on a cross country trip through America.Traveling on the “Mother Road” of Route 66 or any other artery paved with legends and intrigue. It is true, the United States are vast, and can hardly be explored justly by airplane and its borders only traced by ship. But cars are not superior chariots of travel and transportation. As rail travel still reigns, long from the days of steam engines, in the sleek and efficient form of Amtrak trains. Amtrak is currently the only inter city railway system… read more

Tomorrow’s Railway

ET3 high speed transport

The iconic image of diesel-powered trains, both past and present, resembles that of a dying transportation model. Since the early 1800’s, when steam-powered locomotives replaced horse-drawn wagons as the popular means of travel, people have utilized trains for a variety of transportation purposes. But as society grows and evolves, so too do our conveyance needs. Enter a futuristic means of travel called ET3, or Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies. Essentially, this technology is a mode of vacuum travel, much like hurtling through space in a ship; completely frictionless and extremely fast. Imagine being able to travel from Washington D.C. to Beijing… read more