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This Robot Is A Solar Powered Police Officer

This Robot Is A Solar Powered Police Officer

Directing traffic is an occasional part of an officer’s duty, and those who guide vehicles and pedestrians on a regular basis know how frustrating and downright dangerous it can be. Located in Kinshasa, Congo, there is a new line of police officers that are demanding people to stop and take notice. In order to tend to busy traffic routes and decrease financial costs in the African region, an innovative group at the Kinshasa Higher Institute of Applied Techniques has developed a robot that can perform like a traffic officer. The robot can observe traffic flow and works as a stoplight,… read more

Americans Driving Less Each Year

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In 2005, driving to and from destinations was at its peak in the United States. Regardless of just how far that destination was from home, we’d hop in our Ford Explorer’s and Chevy Impala’s and chug away down the street. However, that lifestyle is fading, and we can all breath a sigh of relief. This is good news. In fact, it’s great news. Less driving in cars means more walking, biking, mass transit, you name it. Reducing our planet’s carbon levels is (or should be) priority number one for most countries, especially the worst offending ones (I’m looking at you,… read more