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Traditional Laws – Are They Still Relevant?

Traditional Laws

Legal pluralism is not uncommon in many countries which were once colonies of western powers. In an era where colonisation was the norm, colonial masters introduced new cultures, lifestyle, and laws to the lands in which they sought to have influence. Swaziland is no different from the many African countries with legal pluralism. There are so- called “western courts” where common law and statutory law is administered by state appointed judicial officers. Then there are traditional structures where Swazi customary law is administered by chiefs appointed by a complex Royal order which is beyond the scope of this article to… read more

Tailoring Tradition

Christmas traditions

Holidays are built upon the traditions of the past, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for altercation. The best traditions, and ultimately the ones that hold up through new generations, are those that can be tailored to fit society’s current needs. Unfortunately, today’s holiday season is marked strongly by consumption- or rather the over-consumption of products, gifts, travel miles, and electricity. The obsession with consumer goods is also at odds with the meaning of the holidays themselves. It is, after all, the season for giving. Though to many who celebrate the holidays, they have just become a habit or a break from work. Fair enough. But for those… read more