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Toyota’s i-Road Concept Is Vehicle Of The Future


At the recent CES convention in Las Vegas, the Verge’s Joshua Topolsky got a chance to test drive Toyota’s new i-Road concept. Half motorcycle, half electric car, the i-Road is a unique creature in its own right. Check out the video: The i-Road will almost certainly never be sold in the United States, but Toyota plans to roll it out in select European and Asian markets, meaning they’re moving on the right track towards innovating the car market. With a futuristic dashboard, two-seat capacity, zero fuel emissions, and an updated mechanism for turning, the i-Road is the miniature car to… read more

Toyota’s Three-Wheeled Electric Concept Vehicle

i-ROAD concept vehicle

The divide between electric sedans and electric motorcycles might get a bit more crowded if Toyota pursues their new electric concept vehicle, the i-ROAD. Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, the i-ROAD promises to offer the best of both worlds for city transport. With tandem seating and an enclosed cabin, it’s so much more than a scooter, yet it’s still small enough to maneuver through traffic with ease and park just about anywhere. With a three meter turning radius, and measuring just 850mm wide, this “personal mobility vehicle” (PMV) is fully electric, easy to drive, and could be the perfect… read more