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Architecture That Could Turn A Plain Home Envious

Architecture That Could Turn A Plain Home Envious

This design could make a lot of residences seem to tip a bit towards the boring scale. Not because they are actually boring, but because this home stationed in Suffolk, UK has one thing the majority do not: a completely moveable exterior shell. From the architectural group dRMM, the Sliding House will probably make you a bit awestruck. Watch the incredible home in action: The 20 ton mobile frame ingeniously sits on a runway of recessed railway tracks. Placed inside the walls, wheeled electric motors move the frame. And it works with a remote control, so with the touch of a button the roof and… read more

Pervasive Pine Trees


Pine trees are a common fixture in the natural landscape, thriving in countries as varied as Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Bermuda, and Argentina. Pines are actually native to the northern hemisphere, specifically in North America and Eurasia, but due to the intentional planting of pines in foreign regions for industrial and commercial purposes, they can now be found in a majority of the southern hemisphere. They adapt quite well, even in tropical climates and soils of poor quality.  The problem with this is pines are quick to colonize in these foreign lands, and are prohibiting the growth of native plants that… read more