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This little boy is a real surgeon


In the remote village of Nurpur, India, a 7 year old boy by the name of Akrit Pran Jaswal performed his first surgery. The patient? The daughter of an impoverished family. Akrit is a child prodigy, and is also the first 12 year old to be admitted into the medical department of Punjab University. This is his story: Akrit’s story should help bolster the argument that better access to medical assistance in poor countries should be a priority for world health organizations. This little village was lucky enough to have a prodigy born among them, but what about all the… read more

Harvesting Icebergs Can End Droughts

Artist's Rendering

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that one day, the threat of a calamitous drought affecting third-world countries will be eliminated? Welcome to the possible future, presented by Dessault Systemes and Georges Mougin. Mougin is a French entrepreneur, who for over 40 years has been trying to see his vision of harvesting icebergs to solve food shortages become a reality. Enter Dessault Systemes; a French software company with the money, the means, and the desire to back Mougin’s project. In 2009, Dessault Systemes provided Mougin 15 software engineers to create a computer simulation to test his theory. In 1976, Mougin… read more

Giant 3D House Printers

Contour Crafting Construction

While methods for assembling roads, bridges, and tunnels have evolved over the years, the procedures for home construction remain virtually the same. In Third World countries, this failure to modernize has cost many lives each year through dangerous construction practices, and delays the process of transforming impoverished nations into cultured societies. Recently, the method of 3D printing has gained popularity in the manufacturing and scientific industry. These printing devices are capable of taking certain construction materials and turning them into 3-Dimensional products. So far, organs, tools, artwork, and even guns have been printed and sold in retail stores worldwide. Scientists… read more