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Researchers Double Efficiency of See-Through Solar Film


A new breakthrough for a novel solar film from researchers at UCLA could be a big step toward see-through solar cells for building and vehicle windows, smartphone screens, and other surfaces. The researchers have developed a two-layer solar film composed of thin polymer solar cells, and the newest iteration of the film is said to hit double the efficiency as the last version. The new film allows for harvesting of energy from a wider range of the solar spectrum, while also reducing energy loss between the two cells by the use of a layer of proprietary material. “Using two solar… read more

Capital for Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Solar-panel maker MiaSole has raised $55 million in venture capital to help it ramp-up production and sales. MiaSole is based in Santa Clara, California, where it makes next-generation solar thin-film panels using copper, indium, gallium and selenium instead of silicon, making them much cheaper to manufacture. The latest funding round included VantagePoint Capital Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Bessemer Venture Partners, Firelake Capital Management and Passport Capital. As the heat has left the IPO market for renewable energy companies, MiaSole is more likely to be sold to a larger company than listed. Solar-panel maker SunPower, of San Jose, California,… read more