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Powerpot Charges Your Devices While You Cook

Powerpot Charges Your Devices While You Cook

When you run out of juice for your mobile devices, and the nearest outlet is miles away, what are you gonna do? If you own a Powerpot, you’ll just start cooking your meal, and turn some of the heat from your stove into a charge for your gadget. Weighing just 12 ounces, this little device is one of the lightest methods of providing a charge on the go, and can be used with any heat source, including a camp fire. “The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator designed to work with a wide variety of stoves and fuel sources. It turns… read more

Teenager Invents Flashlight Powered by Body Heat

Teenager Invents Flashlight Powered by Body Heat

The invention of a flashlight powered solely by the heat of the hand holding it has earned a Canadian teenager a spot as a finalist in this year’s Google Science Fair. Teenagers might get stereotyped as being flighty or immature or too self-absorbed, or that they’re just “kids”, but that probably couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least in this case. If you’re really paying attention to what these teens are bringing to table as the next generation of scientists and inventors, you’ll see that the next Tesla or Edison just might be sitting next to you. And Ann… read more

This Sleeping Bag Charges Your Phone


We’ve seen charging devices that generate electricity from all kinds of different sources, from fuel cells to kinetic energy to solar power, but this one might be the first of its kind, as it’s designed to produce a charge from the heat of your body as you sleep. Mobile phone company Vodafone, in conjunction with the Electronics and Computer Science Department of the University of Southampton, have developed a sleeping bag that can turn the temperature differential between the inside of the bag and the outside of it into usable electricity that can charge gadgets while you sleep. The sleeping… read more

Build Your Own Emergency Thermoelectric Charger


With our dependence on gadgets these days, going out to the woods and off of the grid for a bit requires some forethought if we want to still have power for them. There are plenty of ways to do so, from carrying extra battery packs or a small solar panel with you, but if you’re looking for something that will charge your devices on the fly, even after dark, then this project could be the answer. If you’re a tinkerer and a DIY kind of person, you may enjoy building your own thermoelectric charger capable of topping off the battery… read more

Self-cooling Thermoelectric System Uses No Electricity


A prototype thermoelectric device that can provide free cooling for any device that gives off heat (over 30ÂșC) has been developed by researchers at the UPNA/NUP-Public University of Navarre. Many types of devices generate excess heat, which then needs to be dissipated, requiring external power. This new innovation, however, could allow power converters and transformers to produce enough power to cool themselves, without any external energy costs. “When these devices are functioning, they heat up and need to be cooled down.In many cases, heat exchangers with fans are used which naturally need to be powered externally and consume a certain… read more