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The Slug And The Squirrel Creating New Life

The Slug and the Squirrel’s beautiful tiny green terrariums

American artist Jose Agatep from The Slug and the Squirrel enjoys making tiny green ecosystems inside repurposed glass jars. He gives a new life to old containers while creating a confined space for plants to live inside. The glass containers have various shapes and have been found around local flea markets or repurposed from the artist’s own kitchen. They include old bottles, jars, vases and pots, all made from glass because it’s easy to clean, long lasting and the best material to see through. The incredible terrariums filled with plenty of plants, wild mosses, flowers, small stones, soil, and wood… read more

Five Green DIY Projects

DIY greenhouse

Everyone enjoys a little hands-on work every now and then, especially when it’s money-saving, eco-conducive, and just plain fun. Whether you’re a DIY expert, or a city-slicker looking to save a few bucks on energy costs, these five project ideas are perfect for you. Build A Sun Dial: It’s time to take a trip to several hundred years in the past, before the invention of gear-driven clocks and watches. The people of that era used sundials to tell the time, though they’re limited to daytime hours only. This tutorial by eHow will help you setup and design your personalized sundial,… read more