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Recycled Tech Jewelry from a 14 Year Old


Taylor Burghard is making a buzz in central Missouri for her innovative jewelry designs, which incorporate pieces from old computers and other electronic devices. Though she is only fourteen years old, making this up-cycled jewelry is more than a hobby. Instead, Miss Burghard has utilized her talents to create her own business designing and selling this jewelry. Like other entrepreneurs, her ideas stemmed from an early passion. Along with a love for jewelry, Burghard has had a great deal of experience with computers. From age two, she was already getting a taste of entrepreneurship helping out at her parent’s shop,… read more

Teen Invents Efficient Solar Array


Math is one of those things we’re all taught at a young age, and told that it’ll come in handy someday. We never believed our teachers, but a 13-year old boy certainly took that information to heart, and used the Fibonacci Sequence to create an efficient solar array. The mathematical integer sequence, named after Leonardo Fibonacci, is a system of numbers that has multiple forms and identities, and is also found in nature. The sequence has many applications, including number generators, parallel computing, number conversion, etc. Aidan Dwyer, a 13-year old 7th grader from New York, went hiking in the… read more

Summer Jobs for Teens


Whether you wish to gain experience before college, start a savings pool, or just want a productive way to whittle away vacation time, “green” jobs are a great way for teens to make a positive impact during their time off from scholastic duties. Work Locally Instead of applying to the nearest Starbucks, seek out positions at local cafes and bakeries instead, especially those who practice strong environmental stewardship. These could include coffee shops who only sell fair trade products or mom-and-pop restaurants who support local agriculture by using local and organic ingredients in their dishes. You could also apply for… read more