Synthia — The Synthetic Life Form


In 2010, a breakthrough had been made in medical science. “Synthia”, as they called it, had been created. It was a synthetic life form that wasn’t quite synthetic, but heralded a new era of test-tube life forms. Here’s a quick video of one of the team’s scientists discussing their efforts at a TED talk: The reason the life form wasn’t 100% synthetic is because they created it using existing living cells. The process was guided by computer technology, which essentially takes the original cell and copies it. It’s a complicated process, but you can visit this link to view a… read more

When Science And Art Come Together


Science doesn’t always have to be visualized as the crunching of numbers and data, or a lab full of beakers and white coats. In fact, science is actually quite beautiful (as anyone who’s ever studied science says, “duh!”). Thanks to Fabian Oefner and TED, we have these stunning images of science in action. Check them out: A combustion of alcohol. Sound coming from the surface of speakers. Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that looks like this when combined with a magnetic surface and watercolor paint. A beautiful mixture of liquid and spray paint hanging in mid-air. Oil marbles sitting in… read more

TED Talks With Visionary Elon Musk


Elon Musk, the famous South African entrepreneur and visionary, sat down with TED a few months ago to talk about his latest projects and his goals for the future. If you don’t know the name, perhaps you’ll recognize his career achievements. He’s the creator of the Tesla Model S electric car (that incidentally won Motor Trends Car of The Year for 2013), the founder of SolarCity which leases solar energy, and the creator of the SpaceX reusable rocket. Have a thought? Share it in the comments below.