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Once Only Tea Set

Paper Tea Set Origami by Yuya vs. Design

Yuya vs. Design is a design studio based in The Netherlands, directed by Japanese designer Yuya Ushida. A graduate from renowned Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ushida creates objects using exclusively everyday materials and traditional building techniques. Born in 1975 in Nagoya, Japan, Yuya Ushida was the child of the manager of an ironworks and was constantly exposed to a creative busy environment. He always enjoyed making things with his hands and his motto is still “to make objects which make people happy” adding a playful critical edge to his designs. Ushida realized from an early stage that his own interest… read more

Could Climate Change Alter Your Cup of Tea?

Could Climate Change Alter Your Cup of Tea?

As we learn more about climate change and its effects, there is one area that may not readily come to mind: the tea industry. Supposedly, a cup of tea in some areas in China may begin to taste a little different. Climate change and its difference in temperatures and rainfall levels is said to be responsible for altering some agricultural systems, and tea fields may also be susceptible. Other significant changes like antioxidant levels, and even the scent of the tea leaves, are reportedly subject to variances. Researchers from Tufts University are looking into how this favored beverage might be… read more

Herbal Teas At Home


In addition to harvesting your own tea varieties, you can add spices and herbs to create either classic or unique tea blends to suit your palette. If you are unable to grow your own tea, you can still use loose tea, which can be found at most grocery and specialty stores. Or you can leave out the tea leaves to create herbal teas instead. Here are a few blends that have proven the test of time and continue to be steeped and sipped by casual tea drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Chai Tea This blend is often used with black tea, but can be… read more

Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy

The frigid, winter months often leave us longing for comfort in the forms of food, clothing, and sleep. While the shortened days may induce a desire to hibernate in our warm alcoves, the aches and mood changes brought on by the cold can keep us from getting a good night’s rest. In these times, it can help to be your own sandman, by finding and treating the root causes of insomnia to ensure sleep comes naturally. Often times, insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, poor diet and exercise, among other things. Still, if a lack of sleep becomes a major problem it may be a… read more

Suits Me To A Tea

Types of teas

There are hundreds of varieties of teas which can be prepared as a refreshing beverage. However, some teas have medicinal properties and may be worth incorporating into your everyday diet. Parsley Tea Parsley tea displays healing properties for the liver and kidneys which are both important for detoxing all those nasties from the body. Great for eyes and wrinkles. Fights free radicals, high in iron also. Great for bladder infections and is said to combat cellulite. Green Tea Green tea has many health benefits. It is considered a miracle tea as it apparently reduces your risk of cancer. Packed full of anti-oxidants,… read more

Tea: No Strings Attached

Loose leaf tea

Tea is second only to water as the world’s leading beverage. It is favored for its flavor and health benefits, and despite such a large demand costs only about three cents per serving to make at home. In 2011, tea sales in the U.S. reached a total of 8.20 million sales, including supermarket retail sales, foodservice sales, and ready-to-serve tea sales. Of those sales, 65 percent consisted of tea that was prepared using tea bags. Making tea with disposable bags is perhaps the most common way of preparing tea in developed countries. Tea bags were introduced commercially in 1904, though… read more

Top 10 Antioxidant Foods

Blueberries and Cherry Tomatoes, Jennifer Copley

Antioxidants may help to protect against many diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and macular degeneration, by neutralizing the free radicals that damage cells. Research indicates that it’s far better to get these nutrients from whole foods than supplements. Top antioxidant food sources include: Spices: Cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, ginger, and mustard power are particularly high in antioxidants. Nuts: Walnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts are top nut choices for antioxidant content. Herbs: Oregano takes the top spot for antioxidant power, though peppermint, dill, rosemary, thyme, winter savory, and Vietnamese coriander are good as well. Berries: All colorful berries… read more

Natural Popsicles

Natural popsicles and iceblocks

Summer has reached its peak and the global smog has yet to simmer down. By cooling your palette you can alleviate the stresses of heat elsewhere. This brings us to our main topic:  Popsicles. Though staples of childhood and summer, they’re great year round at any age. And they’re easy to make yourself. I like to make Popsicles using fruit flavored tea. It tastes like normal Popsicles but lacks the high sugar content and is lower in calories.  To do this, pick out a tea of your liking.  Most fruit teas are herbal and thus, caffeine free. You can find… read more