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The App Effect

The App Effect

Children growing up in a media driven culture can be exposed to large amounts of screen time each day, at home and at school. As learning expands and interests form, you may wonder what the effect an app based environment has on learning. Research topics revolving around this area are increasing, and some studies are showing interesting findings. Schools.com has compiled an infographic outlining children’s use of tablets and attitudes revolving around apps. The educational based app arena has seen an upsurge in recent years and according to the Joan Ganz Cooney Center as many as 80% of the paid… read more

Compact Speaker Systems – How Do They Sound?

Compact Speaker Systems - How Do They Sound?

With portability and versatility in mind, compact speaker systems are popping up all over that are designed to work with smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are space saving and can carry less of an impact than larger scale models. Vers has a line of speakers that come in handcrafted wood cabinets that are said to enhance the sound quality. The Vers 1Q started as a concept product on Kickstarter and is now available. When 2 of the 1Qs are combined they become a 13 watt stereo system, and this also comes standard in the 2Q. The company has an environmentally responsible… read more

Techie DIY Tips

DIY Techie Tips

For some, the multi-tasking ability that comes with using a tablet PC along with a phalanx of other tech gadgets isn’t a question of desire, but one of necessity. Unfortunately, good tablets tend to be on the pricey side of things. Fortunately, DIY website Instructables has a neat tutorial on how to turn a used Macbook computer into a fully-functioning tablet. What would the benefits be of choosing a self-built mactablet over a brand new iPad? For starters, it’s recyclable. Sure, you could just as easily take your ancient Macbook down to your nearest Best Buy and recycle it, or… read more