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Dip into Nature, Not Chlorine

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The next time you take a swim, consider what you are diving into. It is known that chlorine and other chemicals are commonly used to disinfect swimming pools. But with natural, chlorine free options available, why expose your health to these chemicals? Beyond turning hair green, chlorine also reacts to bodily fluids, including sweat and urine. When combined, toxic breakdown products, called chloramines, are formed. Another of chlorine’s most common effects is eye irritation. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that we continue to immerse ourselves, eyes open, into a pool of the stuff. You can cool off in a… read more

Swimming Pool Risks


Swimming is the second most popular form of exercise in America. Our partiality to swimming can be easily observed in the presence of community pools in the summer, as well as the influence of pools on residential areas, where they are frequent fillers in backyards and serve as a space for congregation in apartment complexes. But all fun and fitness aside, continued contact with the water found in artificial pools, which use a cocktail of toxic chemicals to keep well maintained, poses multiple health risks. Probably the most known chemical used in pool maintenance is chlorine. Chlorine is added to kill… read more