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Biofuel to Power 1/3 of Cars in Sweden by 2030

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As part of an investigation into how the country of Sweden can wean their fuel needs for transportation away from fossil fuels, a study found that it would be possible to power one out of every three cars by biofuel made within the country. Researchers submitted a study, The Production of Today’s and Future Sustainable Biofuels, to the government investigation outlining their discovery that the country could increase its biofuel production to as much as 25-35 terawatt hours (TWh) annually, using mainly the residue left from forestry projects or agricultural waste. The current biofuel production level in Sweden has been… read more

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden Suspended From Trees

Amazing Treehotel in Sweden is Suspended From Trees

Do you have your sights set high for your summer vacation? If that’s the case you might want to check in at the gorgeous Treehotel in Sweden. Located within the pristine forests of northern Sweden, just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Treehotel combines awesome design and eco-tourism, offering guests modern sustainable rooms suspended high up in the branches. Each of the rooms at the Treehotel is unique. They have all been prefabricated on site and designed to be modern and comfortable, creating minimal impact on the environment. Called The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone,… read more

Sweden – Out of Garbage

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Sweden is a Scandinavian county that has embraced recycling. So much so that a quarter of a million homes are powered by the incineration of waste. Last October they ran into a problem, this squeaky clean nation of 9.5 million had run out of garbage. The landfills have been tapped dry and Sweden has been forced to import trash from neighboring countries, such as Norway. Sweden is so trash-strapped that officials are shipping in 80,000 tons of refuse annually. Norway pays Sweden to take its excess waste, Sweden burns it for heat and electricity, and the ashes remaining from the incineration… read more