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How To Hold A Green Tag Sale

Green Tag Sale

When what has been accumulated over the years is no longer needed, consider having a tag sale. Cleaning up living and work spaces lends to less clutter and more organization, and offering still usable items at inexpensive prices is a great way to reuse. Yard sales are popular when the weather begins to warm up and though they can initially be some work to set up, they are helpful for getting rid of stuff and passing it on for use elsewhere. Attention to a few details can help in hosting a green tag sale. Instead of commercial paper advertisements which… read more

The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf

On the corner of my street is a bookshelf, and it’s always full of books. Children’s books, chick lit, travel books, autobiographies, non-fiction, political tomes, books in different languages – every kind of book. There’s often someone kneeling or squatting before it, perusing the titles and making a small pile on the footpath, tucking one under an arm, or popping one into a bag. Bev, who owns Ben Buckler Cellars around the corner, put the shelf there. The rule is that you swap what you take for your own books. I’ve taken one or two dog-eared Jane Austen paperbacks, a chick… read more