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Want To Reduce Your Waste On Holiday?


Who doesn’t enjoy the hedonistic pleasures a hotel has to offer? Food on demand, white, clean robes. Self-indulgence to the highest degree. We check in, have a bath, order room service, watch a movie, and read the complimentary newspaper and magazines…..or not. The problem with hotels, is the grand scale of their waste. The enormous amount of electricity kept burning away in the hope we choose their facilities over the countless others. Some hotels bend to the pressure of an environmentally obsessed culture and leave signs that ask us to re-use our towels, but is this enough? Every time I stay… read more

Travel and Learn

The Learning Journey

Travel as education is a time-honoured tradition. In some cultures, it has even assumed the status of initiation into adulthood. Right now, it’s holiday season and that means – whether through a rite of passage or a holiday vacation – people all over the world are traveling near and far. Whether you’re beaching it on Queensland’s Gold Coast or off for a weekend in Lake Tahoe, Paris or Istanbul – whenever we travel, we participate in tourism, one of the world’s largest industries. We also have the opportunity to participate in learning and action that can help save the world! But… read more